Permanent infrastructure for your air security needs.



  • Ease of use (almost no training required)
  • 10 minute setup time
  • 8 km nominal detection radius
  • Passive (no RF emissions/no licensing required)
  • Radar-like live Drone location web display.
  • Identification of Drone type/class
  • Non-ITAR
Baseline coverage for small areas (prisons, helipads, singular buildings, stadiums).

For more information and detailed specs download our product brochure (PDF)

The Site Sentry is our permanently installed drone detection system. It consists of a multi-function antenna connected to a small electronics enclosure.

The Site Sentry can be deployed as a single sensor setup providing baseline coverage for small areas (prisons, helipads, singular buildings, stadiums, etc.). The Site Sentry can also be deployed as a networked array of sensors providing both wider area coverage and an increased accuracy for drone location/tracking (airports, oil & gas, corporate campuses, military installations, etc.).

The installation of the Site Sentry is very straight forward and installer-friendly. Often, installation locations are chosen to coincide with areas with existing power and network infrastructure, in order to keep costs to a minimum. A single cable package is routed from the interior of a facility to the pole-mounted multi-function antenna.

Fully scalable solutions, fast deployment, no complicated training.

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