Get up and running fast in any location.



  • Ease of use (almost no training required)
  • 10 minute setup time
  • 8 km nominal detection radius
  • Passive (no RF emissions/no licensing required)
  • Radar-like live Drone location web display.
  • Identification of Drone type/class
  • Non-ITAR
Used in check-stops, patrol vehicles, VIP protection, motorcades, and event security.

For more information and detailed specs download our product brochure (PDF)

The Portable Sentry has become a very exciting and popular product among our users It packages the features of the Single Site Sentry into a rugged, transportable Pelican case. Common uses for the Portable Sentry include check-stops, patrol vehicles, VIP protection, motorcades, event security, and more.

Deployment of the Portable Sentry is very quick and simple. With some practice, operators can have the entire system up and running in about 2 minutes, while new or unfamiliar operators typically take around 5 minutes.

Absolutely everything you need, you will find included in the case. The Portable is battery powered using a standard 5 amp hour lithium ion battery providing over 6 hours of run-time. We also offer an extended run-time package that will boost the battery life to 12 hours. Charger is always included and additional batteries are available.

The Portable is truly a stand-alone system. No internet connection, or cellular connection is required. All map data is stored locally. Even a laptop or computer is not required for basic situational awareness as the Portable will issue an audible and visual cue when a drone has been detected. However, by attaching a laptop or other computer using the included Ethernet cable, the operator has full access to the web-based display showing drone information, location, tracking, history, and system preferences.

Fully scalable solutions, fast deployment, no complicated training.

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