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With the widespread availability and use of drones, even a small percentage of rogue users is proving to be a real problem. This ranges from the apparently innocent, but misguided, landing at the White House to the deliberate delivery of illegal narcotics to a state prison by drone drop. Reports of drone intrusions in areas where public safety is a prime concern are beginning to mount.

Authorities have a potentially immense problem ensuring that their facility is free from drones. The drone exclusion zone surrounding airports is being violated frequently. There also reports of drone activity at stadiums and while there has been no injuries, public panic for the thousands crowded into a sports field is a concern.



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Version 2's V2 Sentry System constantly monitors drone communications with a detection range of up to 1500 meters. By analyzing the signals, it can uniquely identify drones and categorize unidentifiable signals into various threat levels for the majority of commercially available drones. The Sentry software displays threats and issues instant audio and/or email alerts.

Our drone/UAV detection system, offers robust area-wide site coverage. With multiple sensor nodes deployed across a site, the V2 Sentry provides inherent redundancy in the event one of a sensor failure the remaining sensor will continue to function, and the system will show the fault.

Installation has been simplified as the detection system is self-configuring - requiring no specialized programming expertise. Processing of threats, analysis, and communications relies on a laptop or permanently installed server.

Sentry Software

The Sentry software installs onto any Windows/Mac/Linux computer with Java. The software is easy to install, and will be up and running within minutes.

In operation, the V2 Sentry reports continuously to a server where the signals are analyzed using a variety of techniques and further processing confirms the threat. The server then immediately sends an alert through desktop and/or mobile platforms.

Current communication traffic, threat status, and system status are all displayed by the Sentry software. Alerts and detection sensitivity can also be fully customized in the preferences.

The Drone Monitor Map displays the sensor locations and threat stauts in real time, allowing you to assess the current drone activity in one look.


Built-in Self-Test - Continuous system status monitoring and display

Alerts - Audio and/or email alerts issued upon threat detection

Live View - Monitor all electronic communication traffic in range

Replay Mode - Replay historic data for forensic analysis

Alert Time - 2 seconds typical

Simultaneous Threats - over 100

Software Compatibility - Windows / Mac / Linux

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