With the widespread availability and use of drones, even a small percentage of rogue users is proving to be a real problem. This ranges from the apparently innocent, but misguided, landing at the White House to the deliberate delivery of illegal narcotics to a state prison by drone drop. Reports of drone intrusions in areas where public safety is a prime concern are beginning to mount.

The Portable Drone Sentry is a Drone Detection System designed specifically for Police and First Responders. Consisting of a magnetic mount antenna and electronics unit, it can be quickly deployed by placing the antenna on a vehicle roof and plugging the unit into vehicle power. The unit warns of a Drone with a beep and a warning light. Detection history can be inspected or downloaded from the unit with a laptop.


Designed with law enforcement for law enforcement

Detects over 92% of available drones including DJI Lightbridge and OcuSync

No installation required


Low profile antenna

Minimal training required

4 km line-of-sight detection range

RF signature detection virtually eliminates false positives

Visual and audible alerts

Software updates available to support evolving threat