Network Solutions

Version 2's V2 Sentry System Network combines permanently installed sensors, transportable sensors, and even mobile sensors together. All sensors have the ability to report back to a central control, allowing for complete drone detection for situations which are dynamic.

Our drone/UAV detection system, the V2 Sentry, offers robust area-wide site coverage. With multiple sensor nodes deployed across a site, the V2 Sentry provides inherent redundancy in the event one of a sensor failure the remaining sensor will continue to function, and the system will show the fault.

Installation has been simplified as the detection system is self-configuring requiring no specialized programming expertise. Processing of threats, analysis, and communications relies on a laptop or permanently installed server.

Sentry Software

The Sentry software installs onto any Windows/Mac/Linux computer with Java. The software is easy to install, and will be up and running within minutes.

In operation, the V2 Sentry reports continuously to a server where the signals are analyzed using a variety of techniques and further processing confirms the threat. The server then immediately sends an alert through desktop and/or mobile platforms.

Current communication traffic, threat status, and system status are all displayed by the Sentry software. Alerts and detection sensitivity can also be fully customized in the preferences.


Built-in Self-Test - Continuous system status monitoring and display

Alerts - Audio and/or email alerts issued upon threat detection

Live View - Monitor all electronic communication traffic in range

Replay Mode - Replay historic data for forensic analysis

Alert Time - 2 seconds typical

Simultaneous Threats - over 100

Software Compatibility - Windows / Mac / Linux

Spec Sheet